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Autumn in Delhi and Winter is coming!

I am always a summer person, never really liked rain or cold. I know this is also surprising to you too. Whoever hears this laughs at me and gives me the same expression like you are giving now. Still, it is true I hate rains and winter very much.
I have no personal vendetta or grudge but somewhere I feel that in these two seasons people are more depressed than in the summer. Everywhere you look there’s a numbness and quietness that befall. You struggle everyday to survive. Even the sky is not in its best mood also growling. Tell me how can you be happy in this condition? At least I can’t, I slip into seasonal depression and that is very bad!
Well in general context people hate summer, for obvious reasons – heat, perspiration, heatstroke etc. still when the cool breeze blows, it makes you forget everything. You enjoy it and there’s a smile appears in you lip which is priceless. I know, what are you thinking, every season has their own specialty. Yes, it does!
After hot summer, the first shower is a big relief! The smell of the earth after it’s soaked with rain, the experience is out of this world. And then arrives Autumn, everything looks very colourful. Nature in its utmost beauty, even the leaves bloom and it is the transition phase from warm to cold. Like any good thing, this also comes to an end.

All the leaves slowly falls and leaving a bare look. Though, many art appreciator will see the beauty in bare look also, but I being a simple human feels depressed. To remind you that Autumn is always accompanied by rain so no matter how beautiful the weather looks, it will turn grumpy in no time.

Even when the winter arrives, the foggy weather, the chill feels very good unless it turns out to be very chilly and unbearable. It’s not their fault, it’s just the nature and we have to embrace it but somehow people like me can’t really cope with these two seasons.
They lose all their interest and thus feel very sad. Everything for them goes wrong, sadness and depression surrounds them. It is worst than heartbreak.


Still people like us are surviving, motivating them every time and hoping that one day sun will rise brighter and take away all the sadness and world will be a happier place!


When sadness seeps in…


‘And all I can remember is a cold’

“It’s deep water, driving rain
And all I can remember is a cold”


It’s like an invisible dark cloud hovering over your head. Something you refuse to accept, but it never leaves. The dark shadow grows big and then suddenly it engulfs you. You don’t remember when it happened. You don’t remember why it happened…but you’re sad.

Sadness is like that, it will seep in quietly, slowly like an unseen friend. You’d never realize what made those happy moments ruin. What made you cry, what made you angry, feel hopeless. Its an unknown pain which forms a blob in your throat choking you every moment.

Soon everything turned grey. You’re not the same, neither the time.

And you get used to living in the grey, building walls around you to keep yourself protected. You start to believe its better this way in your own quietness…sadness and aloofness. World is not your place and you cannot fake anymore…

Better to stay away…

Pain becomes your gift and you enjoy being in pain and sadness. You’re not a sadist, you know how to smile and be happy. Just forgotten.

But somewhere you feel sadness is better than momentary happiness!!





….A new chapter

Partying on 31st night is too mainstream. Well, then again we are all part of this group AKA culture where we want or don’t but exist in the same plight. On the optimistic side it’s fun to be part of something which gives us happiness. Though how much we behave nosey, given a choice we will all join that mainstream party. It’s nice singing, shouting, dancing, making friends and then counting for last 10 seconds to usher in joy of New Year!

Every year, at the end (to be precise) we all balance our gain and loss. Whatever be the result we feel helpless, unsatisfied and a negative feeling hovers in our mind, a worst feeling. But the fact is we actually don’t know or understand what makes us happy? What is actually a right situation for us! We all follow and do what other is doing and yet we call ourselves as different kind. Being different is not an easy job. One has to put up a lot of fights. Honestly speaking we are no different, but same.

If for an instance we can step out from our selfish-circle we can make the real difference. On the first day of 2015, I’ll not be preachy but insightful. Our world is turning into an unsafe place every day. It’s scary!! People are fighting for loved ones by killing each other. Fighting for justice by destruction. Fighting for equality killing honour of other people. This is sad, human; Homo sapiens, the most intelligent species, having known all kind of survival techniques. We have forgotten everything and started to hate each other. We have forgotten our race and started behaving which was buried underneath our skin, the animal instincts.

Yet where there is a true company, hope thrives and we all live for that one hope. Someday world will be a better place and we all will be happy. It’s not too bad to dream for betterment; only thing is that we have to act accordingly. Sooner we act, sooner we can see our dreams accomplished. Anyway folk! Lots said….Happy New year 2015! Enjoy and write a new remarkable chapter of your life!