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Autumn in Delhi and Winter is coming!

I am always a summer person, never really liked rain or cold. I know this is also surprising to you too. Whoever hears this laughs at me and gives me the same expression like you are giving now. Still, it is true I hate rains and winter very much.
I have no personal vendetta or grudge but somewhere I feel that in these two seasons people are more depressed than in the summer. Everywhere you look there’s a numbness and quietness that befall. You struggle everyday to survive. Even the sky is not in its best mood also growling. Tell me how can you be happy in this condition? At least I can’t, I slip into seasonal depression and that is very bad!
Well in general context people hate summer, for obvious reasons – heat, perspiration, heatstroke etc. still when the cool breeze blows, it makes you forget everything. You enjoy it and there’s a smile appears in you lip which is priceless. I know, what are you thinking, every season has their own specialty. Yes, it does!
After hot summer, the first shower is a big relief! The smell of the earth after it’s soaked with rain, the experience is out of this world. And then arrives Autumn, everything looks very colourful. Nature in its utmost beauty, even the leaves bloom and it is the transition phase from warm to cold. Like any good thing, this also comes to an end.

All the leaves slowly falls and leaving a bare look. Though, many art appreciator will see the beauty in bare look also, but I being a simple human feels depressed. To remind you that Autumn is always accompanied by rain so no matter how beautiful the weather looks, it will turn grumpy in no time.

Even when the winter arrives, the foggy weather, the chill feels very good unless it turns out to be very chilly and unbearable. It’s not their fault, it’s just the nature and we have to embrace it but somehow people like me can’t really cope with these two seasons.
They lose all their interest and thus feel very sad. Everything for them goes wrong, sadness and depression surrounds them. It is worst than heartbreak.


Still people like us are surviving, motivating them every time and hoping that one day sun will rise brighter and take away all the sadness and world will be a happier place!


Dilli dilwalonka saher hai….one year and still surviving!


Exactly a year ago on this date, I boarded train from my dear city Kolkata and came to Delhi. I was gawky, scared and nervous. I am not the first person in this world who leaves home to pursue dream, but for me it was different. Somewhere it was not my dream that chased, instead I wanted to escape from my city. I couldn’t stay any longer and bury myself in pain….so that’s how it all happened.

I left my home, my parents, my city and everything else dear to me…to a new city,  an unknown place amongst unknown people and harsher environment. To all especially my father believed his daughter is making a difference, yes she was…but in a different way. Staying away from your home, you realize a lot of things. People who actually care for you, who is real friend and who you can trust. All this and much more happened with me. I cannot complain as this is the nature and there is nothing wrong in natural occurring. People will change, time will fly and you grow wise…wiser and at last you feel you’re your only friend.

I survived. I survived this one long roller coaster turmoil eye-opening truth realizing year. And I am happy about it. I have gained lot of strength both mentally and may be a bit physically. Now I am wiser. I can let go off things easily, somewhere I can live without people around me and those once who mattered a lot before I can stay without them. Speaking of Delhi, I have gained few friends and for good reasons. If I don’t acknowledge them it will be a sacrilege. At times they became more close and understanding than people with whom I have put my trust.  I guess its not the place that influences people but its your perception, I can never say that the people I knew were the best or the best people are those from where I belonged, as best is always unknown and yet to arrive.

Meeting all different kinds of people was an enthralling experience and also learning things or two about your old acquaintances was amusing…I enjoyed both. I don’t know how much differences I have made, but I have tried and am trying to do my best. Now at this point of my life, I call myself as a Survivor and want to continue like this in future.

No matter where I will be, I will always owe a lot to Delhi. Delhi is like my brother- it has supported me, broke me and then again protected me and made me strong. I will love you but a bit less than Kolkata. So, here this long article you’re reading, I wrote to showcase my love for my Bro Delhi and celebrating a year here as a Survivor. I think I need one year badge like the ones given to sober people, for me as a Survivor. 😛


Newbie in New Delhi

Aankhi finally decided to leave behind her past and come to New-Delhi to give a fresh start. It was hard; still she managed to convince her parents. She knew one job could change her life and that’s why she grabbed whatever came to her. Aankhi knew it won’t be easy to leave everything behind and go to a new place. Still she was determined. She had enough, her sacrifices, love, care and all that she did gone in vain. Her parents thought her she is guilty, her love disowned and disgraced her, even S blamed and insulted her.

She has no reason to stay in Kolkata among people who doesn’t bother about her. Finally after lots of revelry she decided to go New-Delhi. She knew, she is taking a risk but it’s now or never. Everyone she loved, adored and cared left her a scar and nothing more. Now her time has come.

As planned, she started working and preparing for her new life. She left her job, gathered all that she required. And slowly the day arrived. Lot of things needed to be done. A place to live, food, commuting and most importantly adjusting to the new ambience.

It was before a week of her journey, everything is fixed and she has made up her mind and ready to move on. One night she woke up in the middle of sleep. A thought came into her mind she needs closure from her past. But what could she do?? She wasn’t keeping any terms. After much thought, she wrote a big letter to her past. She wrote her heart out, shared every detail and finally she felt relaxed. She knew that this letter of her would end up in trash-bin still she had closure from her side. With that happy thought she went to sleep again.

The next morning a miracle happened, S texted her. She read the message over and over, pinched her to believe is it him?? The one who insulted her for no reason and every time makes her feel unwanted. And what’s this, whenever she wants to grow out of him he arrives at her doorstep. Anyway, she knew herself and like before she surrendered. This time lot of things got cleared, lot of discussions and talks but still S wouldn’t say. He will play, subtly hint and tease but will not say. Aankhi now had enough so she decided she will not pay attention to his words anymore.

The day came she boarded the train with her father for a new journey, New-Delhi. After reaching Delhi she felt that the place is very own to her. She felt warmth, though she knew Delhi is very rude but still she felt something good. S, don’t know why started caring for her. It’s not that she is not enjoying but again thinking that is S playing that dirty game.

Speculations will never end. She stopped thinking about him and went on. Her room-mates are nice people. Soon she will join her job. Everything excited her a lot. Still a feeling of peace and serenity enclosed her. She was content someway. Delhi isn’t that bad, as people told. Already she made quite few friends. Her work place is great. Colleagues, bosses are exact what she thought of. Most interestingly all the way the work she wanted to do, here she can explore her ways. She is happy but happiness doesn’t last long!! S, still plays with her mind and she don’t know why she allows him. still today S expects everything from her but is not ready to give anything to her.

However, Aankhi is now more strong and reformed person, she knows any day she can say S to leave. But she likes her new life in every way and hopes that New-Delhi will treat good to this Bengali Newbie well!!