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Autumn in Delhi and Winter is coming!

I am always a summer person, never really liked rain or cold. I know this is also surprising to you too. Whoever hears this laughs at me and gives me the same expression like you are giving now. Still, it is true I hate rains and winter very much.
I have no personal vendetta or grudge but somewhere I feel that in these two seasons people are more depressed than in the summer. Everywhere you look there’s a numbness and quietness that befall. You struggle everyday to survive. Even the sky is not in its best mood also growling. Tell me how can you be happy in this condition? At least I can’t, I slip into seasonal depression and that is very bad!
Well in general context people hate summer, for obvious reasons – heat, perspiration, heatstroke etc. still when the cool breeze blows, it makes you forget everything. You enjoy it and there’s a smile appears in you lip which is priceless. I know, what are you thinking, every season has their own specialty. Yes, it does!
After hot summer, the first shower is a big relief! The smell of the earth after it’s soaked with rain, the experience is out of this world. And then arrives Autumn, everything looks very colourful. Nature in its utmost beauty, even the leaves bloom and it is the transition phase from warm to cold. Like any good thing, this also comes to an end.

All the leaves slowly falls and leaving a bare look. Though, many art appreciator will see the beauty in bare look also, but I being a simple human feels depressed. To remind you that Autumn is always accompanied by rain so no matter how beautiful the weather looks, it will turn grumpy in no time.

Even when the winter arrives, the foggy weather, the chill feels very good unless it turns out to be very chilly and unbearable. It’s not their fault, it’s just the nature and we have to embrace it but somehow people like me can’t really cope with these two seasons.
They lose all their interest and thus feel very sad. Everything for them goes wrong, sadness and depression surrounds them. It is worst than heartbreak.


Still people like us are surviving, motivating them every time and hoping that one day sun will rise brighter and take away all the sadness and world will be a happier place!




It takes a lot of courage to stand up for something you believe in,

It takes a lot of courage to re-built something again, when you’re been broken many times.

It takes a lot of courage to let go off something that used to matter,

It takes a lot of courage to step out into the darkness, when you’re afraid. When you need someone to support you!

It takes a lot of courage to smile when you’re crying from inside,

It takes a lot of courage look normal to that one person with whom you can never be.

It takes a lot of courage to live as damaged but you show you’re alright,

It takes a lot of courage to fight everyday with yourself just for the sake of living.

It takes a lot of courage to open your heart and say those words,

It takes a lot of courage to accept rejection and still live.

It takes a lot of courage to trust again and accept the liars,

It takes a lot of courage still keeping the faith for good life.

It takes a lot of courage when you’re wronged for no reason,

It takes a lot of courage to forgive those and thinking it’s a part of life.

It takes a lot of courage to calm yourself when you’re roaring inside,

It takes a lot of courage to face those people with a smile.

It takes a lot of courage to love yourself again, dream again and keep your faith going…

Because that is life! It takes a lot of courage to be human. Not perfect, not fitting but not fake!

It’s the courage that defines you, how you build yourself and see yourself…

Courage is the real power. Be courageous!



When sadness seeps in…


‘And all I can remember is a cold’

“It’s deep water, driving rain
And all I can remember is a cold”


It’s like an invisible dark cloud hovering over your head. Something you refuse to accept, but it never leaves. The dark shadow grows big and then suddenly it engulfs you. You don’t remember when it happened. You don’t remember why it happened…but you’re sad.

Sadness is like that, it will seep in quietly, slowly like an unseen friend. You’d never realize what made those happy moments ruin. What made you cry, what made you angry, feel hopeless. Its an unknown pain which forms a blob in your throat choking you every moment.

Soon everything turned grey. You’re not the same, neither the time.

And you get used to living in the grey, building walls around you to keep yourself protected. You start to believe its better this way in your own quietness…sadness and aloofness. World is not your place and you cannot fake anymore…

Better to stay away…

Pain becomes your gift and you enjoy being in pain and sadness. You’re not a sadist, you know how to smile and be happy. Just forgotten.

But somewhere you feel sadness is better than momentary happiness!!





Perfect red….

In consecutive three murders, police found the same mark…the deep red kiss! They listed her as a serial killer and named “The woman with red lipstick”. In no time, it became

In no time, it became the talk of the town and people banned red colour. She watched the news intently and sighed! She needs to practice more; her work still lacks the professional prowess. Another evening, she dressed

Another evening, she dressed and applied the same red lipstick. She smiled and said, “Red is the colour of passion and fury…when your passion will turn into fury…mine will turn into passion.

red lips isolated in white

red lips isolated in white


The proposal….

When she heard his voice, she fell in love deeply. She imagined him day and night in many ways. At last she finally resolved to propose him on Valentine’s Day. After all its leap year and by tradition it is ok for a woman to go down on her knees.

She said to herself…”What can be more wonderful, this chance only arrives once in four years!”



True love takes time…

Seeing all the beautiful bride-groom pictures in the exhibition, her heart filled with joy. She has fallen in love with them and wanted to marry the photographer. As she enquired about him, someone pointed him out in the corner of the room, an old man with a freckled face was sitting quietly.DIY-Paper-Craft-Projects-Home-Decor-Craft-Ideas4


…With love

She is a famous restaurateur and a cook.  Amongst all her special dishes, Meat-love-valentina took the crown. People around the world loved it and were also curious. When anyone asked about the recipe, she smiled and said “it’s a traditional food secret, can’t be shared”.

It was a normal rush at the restaurant, when a handsome man entered. She liked him at the first glance. The man took a table in the corner and was looking at the menu. She arrived at his table to take the order; the man smiled and said “your specialty is my favourite”. They both shared a smile. The food was served, she waited for him to taste. After he took the first bite, he smiled at her as a gesture of compliment. Later he asked her, if she is interested in going out with him.

Now they have been dating for several days, he finally asked her the clichéd question, “what is special ingredient you use for your dish?”…she smiled politely and said “it’s a secret”. Though He was not happy with her answer but he didn’t spoke a word. He became stubborn and determined to know the secret recipe. He tried many ways to figure out but every time she escaped. He even defamed her and tried to ruin her. All this was affecting her business and her character. Finally she decided to resolve the problem.

One night she invited him for the dinner and asked him to come alone. He at first found it weird, but the opportunity of knowing the secret was far more exciting. She has set the dinner table in her room. The room was beautifully decorated with candles, flowers along with lovely music. He was standing alone when she entered the room in her divine pink dress. They sat down opposite to one another. The time went swift and nice. It was a lovely evening spent with delicious food and wine. They were having nice conversation when suddenly he raised the question again. Her face colour changed. She stiffened for a moment and then next moment she smiled sheepishly. With a mysterious look in her eyes she said “curiousness kills the cat”…these words startled him, but he was stubborn and determined. She asked him to wait until all her worker leaves. It was past midnight, he was sitting alone in her room, drinking wine. He was feeling bit dizzy and was lying in her bed, when she entered the room. She slowly walked to his side and sat. She fondled with his hair and said “till date no living male in my family has ever known this secret “she hugged him tight and then asked him to stand up. She said” what you will witness tonight, promise me it will be between me and you?” He promised her and assured that he would never tell a soul. From the corner of the bed she tapped a switch and the bed removed revealing a freezer.  He knelt down and pulled a packet, it was a human hand. He choked, the moment he looked at her, she attacked him with a knife and pulled him to the freezer and covered it. Later she smiled at her and said…” I told you, no living male in my family knew this secret….ha ha ha…don’t worry my love we will have daughter and if it son I will let him sleep beside you like this!” She took the bottle of wine and drank and fell asleep on the ground.