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First Jack – The Pink prince!

The journey started from Jaipur and the plan was to come back in 2 days but it got extended to 10 days. From Delhi bus station which is at Dhaula Kuan, the night bus was boarded for Jaipur. As it was a night journey so sleepers were found to be fit. Let me tell you something that I have Vertigo and thus I did not enjoy the journey at all. I was always on fear, anyway, the bus reached Jaipur at the crack of the dawn.  From there to hotel, auto was the only available service. Everyone was sleeping as it was still dark interestingly, life there starts a little late. Thankfully the hotel staffs were courteous and since they are informed beforehand of the early arrival, they prepared the room and served tea. After taking a little rest, taking a hot bath was the most important and then breakfast.


Having local cuisine is the wisest decision to make. Thus the Indian style breakfast, Parantha and achaar with special masala milk tea. The tour for the city started. The first fort which is the main attraction of the city of Jaipur is Amber Fort or Amer Fort. This fort is in Amer which is 4 Km away from the city. Built-in 1550 in an artistic Hindu style with large ramparts and series of gates and cobbled paths. The Maota Lake is the main source of water for the palace. This palace is constructed of red sandstone and marble and its four-storey high. The structure is huge with opulent space and it was the residence of the Rajput Maharajas. Each gate has a symbol and story to unfold. The first entrance is known as Ganesh Gate and there is a temple dedicated to Shila Devi which was given to Raja Man Singh when he defeated Raja of Jessore. There is a secret passage to another famous fort, Jaigarh Fort. Amber fort has been renovated and brought some modernism in their periphery. Well, apparently it is required but to some people basking amidst ancient ruins is much fun than being on a modernised place.


Honestly one shouldn’t avail any other option than following the secret path from Amber fort to Jaigarh Fort. The secret path was built as an escape route in the time of war when the royal families had to move from Jaigarh to Amber. The trek was quiet fun. As you walk along the path you see the giant fort and wonder how they have created this architecture 100 of years ago. This fort is located on the same Aravalli range of hills. Present prince is the owner and resident of the Jaigarh Fort. There are several things which one can observe in this fort. The most striking things one can find that the inner palace is built very simple nothing decorative or flashy. Like any other palace, there is Dewaan-i-khas and Dewaan-i-aam, with rooms for prince, princess and the fort is surrounded by beautiful terraces on all sides. Interestingly this fort has a huge canon foundry, armoury with a huge Jaivana canon. Jaivana canon is the world’s largest canon on wheels. Other than that this fort also consists of different museums.


The trip to Jaipur was a pleasurable one, the city is friendly and clean and you would want to come back again and again. Food was no doubted was the native cuisines of Rajasthan from Laal Maas, to gatte ki sabji, Halwa. There is a very beautiful place in Jaipur called Chokhi Dhani, if you wish to enjoy the real flavour of Rajasthan hospitality and their food, visit is a must. The place is little crowded but it has a lot of varieties from Mehendi wearing, folk music and dance like ghoomar, camel ride and much more. The markets are colourful and you will always want to buy their Juttis, Chappals, Chunri, shining jewellery and yes a colourful Turban is important. After much revelry at Jaipur, now the next destination is Jaisalmer, the golden city!



3 Jacks state!

The epic journey of colours –  Pink, Gold and Blue!

The beginning…

The year-end journey usually is the unsure one. You can’t decide what you should do to end the year on a good note. There is always a dilemma of thoughts asking friends for plans and still remain in two minds whether to go or not to go. That’s how I guess almost 70% people like me thinks and then either they end up sulking at home alone or get bored in a most unnerving alcoholic party where you only regret to be a participant.

Now comes the second part, luckily sometimes you partner with someone and an abrupt plan happens. You know from the core of your heart that the idea is crazy and it involves a lot of risks. Still, you take it because the adrenaline has already triggered in your system and it won’t give you peace unless you complete the given task. That’s what happened with me this year, I embarked on a crazy, unplanned and epic journey for Rajasthan depending on friends.
Well, it was a lot of risks, the journey was at first planned for 2 days then it extended to 10 days and with bare minimum money. People usually say that unplanned travel is the best and I agree with it completely. The visit to Rajasthan was truly a memorable one in every respect and I have cherished every bit of it. A truly thrilling, enjoying travel happened across 3 grand cities of Rajasthan. Soaking the 3 vibrant colours Pink, Gold and Blue! While writing about this journey, the blog was becoming too much to read and write…hence I sectioned it into 3. Hope you will enjoy!!