Omg! 2016!


Yes, another year has passed and you are thinking what you’ve done with all the days. You did what you will be doing tomorrow but when you sit quietly, you realise that everything has changed, you have changed…you’ve aged and have lost innocence, trust and have became a stronger person. That was above your expectation isn’t it?? You’ve not imagined that you could do all these alone…yes yes, 2015 has bid adieu and 2016 is at your doorstep ushering you to join the adventure.

Well, I know what you feel, I feel exactly the same. You plan something and it ends up happening something else. Then you calm your mind and say to yourself that it’s not supposed to happen. Time will pay it price…yes it will, but will it be that exciting as you are now for that. I don’t think so,  I rather lose the charm and feel bit apprehensive about the whole thing. Let it be, bygones are bygones.

Coming to 2016, this is a new year and I am a year older. Previous year has been very crucial for me. It gave me  lot of things and have also taken lot of things. It taught me and has made me more stronger and willful person than before. I can’t complain about the previous year that I only got sadness and hurt myself but it was more than happiness or maybe I lost the charm to appreciate it. On the verge of 2016 I can only say that I waved off lot of things and has surrounded myself with people who actually mean to me. I have chosen Family, friends and well-wishers who actually wish well for me.

I am now a happy person except for the petty tensions, which I can never get rid of. This year has given me new people and also showed me my other side that how blindly I can be fooled and forged to someone’s sweet words and fake love. Somebody can actually use my feelings as bait. I will not do that anymore. I have outgrew myself; I live alone in a new city amongst strangers. I travel alone. Enjoy alone and to be honest I quiet like it. But this is a new year I am expecting a difference like always. It is a leap year this time one day extra and I am hoping with my full heart, I wish to receive that special love for which I have been waiting  and longing for my whole life!!

I wish to happy and wish to see my near and dear ones happy, very simple and yes selfish wish. But what more I can do, I am a simple human I barely can do anything. Don’t take me wrong…just enjoy this moment and make your days colourful and happy, that’s all I wish!

P.S. – Attached is the picture of the lantern I blown to welcome New Year!

Happy New Year, 2016! it will be hell of a adventurous year than previous one.



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