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Newbie in New Delhi

Aankhi finally decided to leave behind her past and come to New-Delhi to give a fresh start. It was hard; still she managed to convince her parents. She knew one job could change her life and that’s why she grabbed whatever came to her. Aankhi knew it won’t be easy to leave everything behind and go to a new place. Still she was determined. She had enough, her sacrifices, love, care and all that she did gone in vain. Her parents thought her she is guilty, her love disowned and disgraced her, even S blamed and insulted her.

She has no reason to stay in Kolkata among people who doesn’t bother about her. Finally after lots of revelry she decided to go New-Delhi. She knew, she is taking a risk but it’s now or never. Everyone she loved, adored and cared left her a scar and nothing more. Now her time has come.

As planned, she started working and preparing for her new life. She left her job, gathered all that she required. And slowly the day arrived. Lot of things needed to be done. A place to live, food, commuting and most importantly adjusting to the new ambience.

It was before a week of her journey, everything is fixed and she has made up her mind and ready to move on. One night she woke up in the middle of sleep. A thought came into her mind she needs closure from her past. But what could she do?? She wasn’t keeping any terms. After much thought, she wrote a big letter to her past. She wrote her heart out, shared every detail and finally she felt relaxed. She knew that this letter of her would end up in trash-bin still she had closure from her side. With that happy thought she went to sleep again.

The next morning a miracle happened, S texted her. She read the message over and over, pinched her to believe is it him?? The one who insulted her for no reason and every time makes her feel unwanted. And what’s this, whenever she wants to grow out of him he arrives at her doorstep. Anyway, she knew herself and like before she surrendered. This time lot of things got cleared, lot of discussions and talks but still S wouldn’t say. He will play, subtly hint and tease but will not say. Aankhi now had enough so she decided she will not pay attention to his words anymore.

The day came she boarded the train with her father for a new journey, New-Delhi. After reaching Delhi she felt that the place is very own to her. She felt warmth, though she knew Delhi is very rude but still she felt something good. S, don’t know why started caring for her. It’s not that she is not enjoying but again thinking that is S playing that dirty game.

Speculations will never end. She stopped thinking about him and went on. Her room-mates are nice people. Soon she will join her job. Everything excited her a lot. Still a feeling of peace and serenity enclosed her. She was content someway. Delhi isn’t that bad, as people told. Already she made quite few friends. Her work place is great. Colleagues, bosses are exact what she thought of. Most interestingly all the way the work she wanted to do, here she can explore her ways. She is happy but happiness doesn’t last long!! S, still plays with her mind and she don’t know why she allows him. still today S expects everything from her but is not ready to give anything to her.

However, Aankhi is now more strong and reformed person, she knows any day she can say S to leave. But she likes her new life in every way and hopes that New-Delhi will treat good to this Bengali Newbie well!!