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The War!!

Well, everyone has to agree that one cannot avoid being a Bengali.  They are very attractive, everything about them catches eye. Their attires, speaking style, food, reaction- actions and every its and bits. It is only in Bengal where Bengalis are divided into two groups – Ghoti and Bangal. Bangals’ are the people from Bnagladesh and Ghotis’ are the people of West-bengal. This discrimination happened right after the partition of our Bengal. Since then the big war has started amongst Ghoti-Bangal. Well. Here are some common occasions where they eventually take things personal.

  1. East-bengal vs Mohunbagan match. Football the lifeline of Bengalis,takes game very seriously. Especially when it is between East-bengal (the representative group of Bangals) and Mohunbagan (the representative group of Ghotis).
  1. Chingrimacher malaikari vs Sorshe Ilish bhanpa. The cuisines are also divided and segregated. Ghotis where very keen about eating poshto (poppy) and chingrimach (Prawn). Bangals are bent on their shutki mach (dried fish) and Ilish Mach (Hilsa). There are many more differences with their culinary terms. Ghotis makes everything sweet whether it is a curry or any sweet dish, both are equally sweetened. Bangals on the other hand eat everything spicy.
  1. The language, Bangal dialect vs Ghoti dialect. Your dialect will have the impact of the place where you belong and stay. There is no need to fight over or mock. But still given a chance each group will not leave any opportunity to mock on their language. Though both are Bengali, but spoken in a different way…both are equally sweet!!
  1. North Kolkata vs South Kolkata. It is said that North Kolkata is the hub of all Ghotis, the native of Kolkata, West-bengal. They are the bonedi-families (Royal families) and are the babu of the society. Whereas South Kolkata is the hub of all Bangals – the inhabitants of Bangladesh. According to Ghotis’ Bangals do not posses any bonediana. They are uncultured and uncouth. Believe it or not it’s a never ending fight.
  1. Ghoti biye vs Bangal biye AKA Marriage. Lot of confusion with the style of marriage. Though it is the way of union of two souls. Still they fight over the rituals and ceremonies. A Ghoti marriage the bride should enter sasur-bari (in-laws home) before 12 noon. And in Bangal marriage the bride will enter only after dusk.
  1. Eating habits. Ghotis are more prone on eating televaja and muri (fried and puffed rice) where as Bangals likes to have something spicy and chatpata. North Kolkata is very famous for sweet shops namely, Dwarik, Vim nag, Putiram, Nakur etc. Here they take legions on this over Bangals.
  1. Roads of North Kolkata are something very interesting. Gullys are very famous, every traveller, photographer visits at least once in these gullys and old house. But South Kolkata is all about big roads, high-rises.
  1. The fashion sense. The fashion of North Kolkata and South Kolkata are very different. North Kolkata believes in more traditional attires whereas South Kolkatans are more westernized.

Now you see why shouldn’t there be a war, so many differences among Bengalis?? But still both of them stand as unity in every way, guess that’s’ why they are so perfectly bonded. Absolutely made for each other!!


…With love

She is a famous restaurateur and a cook.  Amongst all her special dishes, Meat-love-valentina took the crown. People around the world loved it and were also curious. When anyone asked about the recipe, she smiled and said “it’s a traditional food secret, can’t be shared”.

It was a normal rush at the restaurant, when a handsome man entered. She liked him at the first glance. The man took a table in the corner and was looking at the menu. She arrived at his table to take the order; the man smiled and said “your specialty is my favourite”. They both shared a smile. The food was served, she waited for him to taste. After he took the first bite, he smiled at her as a gesture of compliment. Later he asked her, if she is interested in going out with him.

Now they have been dating for several days, he finally asked her the clichéd question, “what is special ingredient you use for your dish?”…she smiled politely and said “it’s a secret”. Though He was not happy with her answer but he didn’t spoke a word. He became stubborn and determined to know the secret recipe. He tried many ways to figure out but every time she escaped. He even defamed her and tried to ruin her. All this was affecting her business and her character. Finally she decided to resolve the problem.

One night she invited him for the dinner and asked him to come alone. He at first found it weird, but the opportunity of knowing the secret was far more exciting. She has set the dinner table in her room. The room was beautifully decorated with candles, flowers along with lovely music. He was standing alone when she entered the room in her divine pink dress. They sat down opposite to one another. The time went swift and nice. It was a lovely evening spent with delicious food and wine. They were having nice conversation when suddenly he raised the question again. Her face colour changed. She stiffened for a moment and then next moment she smiled sheepishly. With a mysterious look in her eyes she said “curiousness kills the cat”…these words startled him, but he was stubborn and determined. She asked him to wait until all her worker leaves. It was past midnight, he was sitting alone in her room, drinking wine. He was feeling bit dizzy and was lying in her bed, when she entered the room. She slowly walked to his side and sat. She fondled with his hair and said “till date no living male in my family has ever known this secret “she hugged him tight and then asked him to stand up. She said” what you will witness tonight, promise me it will be between me and you?” He promised her and assured that he would never tell a soul. From the corner of the bed she tapped a switch and the bed removed revealing a freezer.  He knelt down and pulled a packet, it was a human hand. He choked, the moment he looked at her, she attacked him with a knife and pulled him to the freezer and covered it. Later she smiled at her and said…” I told you, no living male in my family knew this secret….ha ha ha…don’t worry my love we will have daughter and if it son I will let him sleep beside you like this!” She took the bottle of wine and drank and fell asleep on the ground.


Dreams…are you mine??

One night suddenly her dream vanished…leaving her alone. She got scared and couldn’t think of any explanation. Is it her fault?? Did she forgot to tell how much she adored her dream?? She remained awake whole night thinking of all the reasons, why her dream left her?? She couldn’t breathe…darkness engrossed her. She closed her eyes and shut herself. Atlast sun rose and the first ray of sun hit her. She opened her eyes and realised how wrong she was!! All this time she was blinded by a thought thinking that a dream!! Now her vision is clear…she is the phoenix rose from ashes!! Her eyes have new dreams and desires to fulfill…to live life at fullest…like a free bird!!