Why it’s always the last month?

Ok, let’s accept the fact that December is the last month of the year. But why it’s always at last? I mean there should logic behind it. Not that the months are placed alphabetically or placed in terms of strength. Still why December is always at last? Such a beautiful month and only month which starts with happiness and ends with a new beginning, I mean how many months actually does posses such character or quality? Only December- where the whole month is all about celebration, preparation and rejoices. A perfect soothing romancing weather, lovely ambience and happiness all around. Every place is beautifully draped and decked up with colours and lights, bidding happy farewell to the old year and welcoming the new year. But still why is it placed at last? If it’s placed at the beginning would the month be equally happy? Guess not! As every good thing comes at last, maybe that’s why December also comes at last. The year ends with happiness and fun and we cherish every moment, forgetting all the sadness and sorrows of the past months. So folks! Make this December to remember, the last month of the year should be memorable so that it surpasses every other odd things. Enjoy!


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