stitch in time…saves nine!

Life has changed. It is changing every day. As it should be, before you realise anything, the moment has passed and you are thinking when the time will pass. It is the irony, we don’t realise the importance of the moment and once it’s gone then we think of our past. Two things in our life we think a lot…our past and our future. Whereas these two are not to be thought, past is what we have left and future is yet to arrive. We should be living in present and make the best out of it. No matter how positive we are, we will think at least once. It’s not clichéd or unnatural but an excitement and hormone sensation. We all love to hunt our memories and love more to fantasize them in future. As we all know future is very unpredictable and full of surprises like Santa’s gift bag. You are always unsure whether you will get your desired gift or not. Then again time plays a quirky game it gifts you which you have never expected and for that moment you are unprepared as how to use it. But remember, nothing is accident…everything is incidental and there is a purpose for everything. May be right now you are in a most dark phase of your life and you need a vent, a window where you can shed some light to your path. But you are unable to find that, may be the window is right in front…you didn’t see it. See it’s all in our mind as what we want to do…move with life or just sit and think why all these happening with me. Well, that will bring nothing as you will waste your moment and it will never return. When you will step out of your soap box, you will realise your grief is nothing compared to people who are fighting for basic survival. Think yourself and treat yourself as lucky as you have host of amenities, facilities, friends, well-wishers and people around you who are always there for you. Don’t follow any steps as it will never work for you, if you are in grief face it…as grief is also a gift to test you how strong you are…how much you can bear. Love yourself, be happy always…future will arrive with happiness and you will be at bliss!


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