Pain is a great gifts…keep it well!

Who wants to be in pain? Only an insane person…where does pain come from…failure! Yes failure one word that can ruin your life. Rinky read about it in books, saw people in pain when they failed. She helped them soothed them…thinking that parting happiness can bring some peace of mind. Rinky wanted her near and dear ones to be happy…never knew that when pain will strike her it will wither her from the roots. Rinky saw many failures small…big…every failure taught her lessons. She took all the bullets happily…but this time she took the bullet from the person, she never expected to be behind the trigger. The pain is excruciating more for the person than the bullet. She can’t do anything…she failed everyone her parents, her love, her friendship and now her life.

Rinky was never easy person to deal with…she knew she has lot of flaws…but not an ugly heart! Her heart has burst out…she can’t accept anymore and it better to perish from this planet! Pain is really a great gift you can see everything very clearly.


1 Response to “Pain is a great gifts…keep it well!”

  1. 1 papri
    June 27, 2014 at 8:44 am


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