It was 3.03 in the morning and there was someone in his bed. He woke up shocked and appalled. Its skin was wrinkled, hair was grey. He thought, “Who is this?” Frightened and hesitated he tried to trace his last night’s memory. But no clue. Lost in despair he sat in front of his desk. Suddenly something jerked him. He was surprised to see his own reflection. Old, wrinkled with grey hair. He was upset to see, what age has done to him. A voice continuously echoed in his head, he woke up with a jolt. Everyone shouted “Happy birthday!”. He left everyone and went to bathroom in hurry. Slowly he opened his eyes and felt relaxed. Everything is fine. Neither sign of grey hair nor any wrinkles. Guess! he saw a bad dream, he just turned 21. Suddenly his fear returned as he took out his first grey hair!


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