depressed journal #2

The saga of pain and staying jobless only one can understand who has gone through it. Well I am not making it an excuse, like many people will say keep yourself motivated. That’s not an easy job fella…at least in this situation, where you know you have plenty of time to do dozen of things but your heart doesn’t support you neither you feel any urge. You know you can explore those areas where you haven’t thought or touched… but all you will feel is dumb at linger on your thoughts. You will feel more depressed as you know that will not help still there’s intoxication in depression. You hate your food, hate to sleep, hate to go out or talk to anyone all the time only one thought… work… job… after you read you may feel that I am a very depressed person and I need mental help… but trust once in life you have also passed through this moment and have felt the same as I am doing…. A person without a job is useless and becomes loner in the family, among friends and also in the world….


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