Words and words all I have to take your heart away…


Words have so much power that it can make you or break you. Every letters and alphabets comes with unique features and perspectives. If you notice you will see that every alphabet have in-distinctive shapes and sizes, letters like L, I, T apparently they might look similar but a bit of this that has created a lot of difference. It is very interesting to see that every alphabet sweetly coherent nicely with each other and it is not at all looking odd or awkward.  When these letters sit side by side they form words and these words is very powerful than a nuclear bomb.  A lot of people have made lot of research on usage of words and alphabets. Innumerable numbers of poems, songs are written on behalf of words. Well it is quiet worth for one to think over the letters without which our world will be null and void. Words are very important they take place in every way, talking, writing and most of all expressions. For writers words are their best friend. Every time they think or write, they reinvent them self through alphabets and punctuation. If you do a survey of writer across the globe you will find one thing common that they always get fascinated by words.  Well why am I writing all this? Its quiet obvious, that I am too trying to become a writer.  But it’s very basic now as I am still confused about my career goal.


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