The freaky fishy, F day!

ImageThe end is not exactly an end. A trans, a dim day that is unnatural unlike others. Yes! The week is almost end and within few hours you will be rewarded worth for every tooth and nail. The hush…hush…spooky talks …ting…ting….of sms, all will come to an end. The day starts with a calm morning followed by an easy afternoon, splendid lunch with giggles and talks. You feel happy and also pleased, the grandeur is awaiting and you will be the King! Weekend eve has begun. Just then as you are dreaming and thinking of your majestic plan, your phone rings… The one call you don’t like to pick up at least not at this hour. A call that might smash all your thoughts, dreams and crumble all the fortune cookies, you have checked on Facebook. Your heart starts pounding, head starts swirling and you are left with no other option than to spend the whole night in office meeting the damn deadline. The hour turns crucial and the beckoning call of your friends for movie and dinner is cancelled. You are angry and mouthing curse to the damn freaky, fishy F day! being so unpredictable….Finally you grab your notepad and move forward to solve the unsolved Rubik’s cube with a heavy heart and bad temper. Sorry fellas! Fridays’ are like this but no matter you love your job more, as it is ass kicking nowadays to grab one. 


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